Hygienist Dental Treatment

What is Hygienist Dental Treatment and what does it do?

Hygienist Dental Treatment is a full clean of the whole mouth: teeth, gums, tongue and breath. In addition to the dental cleaning, you will also be given professional advice on how to maintain good dental health.

How does Hygienist Dental Treatment work?

  • Our expert hygienist will make an exploration to determine the course of action
  • Once there is a diagnosis (tooth decay, gum disease, etc.) the proper treatment will be applied.
  • For instance, plaque stains can be removed by scraping, polishing and applying a special spray.
  • Bad Breath illness can also be tackled with our treatments. A healthy smile is always a nicer one!


  • Get rid of tooth stains, bad breath and all the stuff that was holding your confidence down and damaging your health
  • At this point we don’t need to say how crucial it is to keep good dental health, right?
  • You will be provided with the best professional advice, so you will be able to keep a healthy mouth by yourself from then on


Theresa provided me with the most wonderfully professional hygienist service imaginable. Additionally, a delightful person” – Dennis Yeates

Pricing Table

30 Minutes £48
60 Minutes £96
Air polishing 90 Minutes £125