Group Plans

At Fleet Street Dental Centre our philosophy has always been to provide a superior, private dental service focused on ensuring that our city clients have healthy and attractive teeth for life and are able to reliably fulfill their busy schedules with minimal interruption. Utilising the very latest cosmetic and reconstructive techniques as opposed to the outdated drill, fill and patch approach, we are conveniently located allowing rapid and direct access for city workers. Our commitment to providing the very best that modern dentistry can deliver has recently led us to expand the team and the services we offer. We believe that these new developments.

Corporate Patient Membership Program

It has been proven that a regular, high quality screening and preventative healthcare program will save businesses time and money otherwise lost on avoidable treatment costs and out of office appointment times. As such, in conjunction with several large city corporations, we have developed a unique opportunity which would like to extend to your organisation.

The development of our patient membership program now means that dental care is more accessible; more affordable and less time consuming than ever before. Our program has been designed to offer thorough preventative care, thereby avoiding pain, discomfort and the need for excessive treatment, while also offering considerable discounts off the cost of cosmetic and reconstructive dental care. The details of this program are outlined on the enclosed leaflet. The flexibility of this program enables organisations to take out dental coverage for their employees.

What Now?

We would like the opportunity to meet with you and a member of our team will be in contact shortly to discuss matters in person. We would also like to extend the invitation for you to visit our centre at any time to see exactly why we are not just your “average” dentist.

Whether your organisation opts for a group or an individual program, all that is required of you as a program partner is to extend our service offer to your employees via either our inclusion on your intra-net or we can provide you with copies of our brochure and program leaflet.

We look forward to working with you to ensure a healthy and productive city workforce.

Please click here to download the patient application form.