General Dentistry

What is General Dentistry and what does it do?

General Dentistry includes a set of dental treatments that must be taken regularly to keep a healthy mouth.

How does General Dentistry work?

  • The first thing to do will be take a look at the patient’s medical record. If it’s your first time with us, we will create your own file for future visits
  • Right after that, our professional dentist will perform an in-depth exploration of the mouth
  • The list of usual General Dentistry treatments includes tooth decay, dental fillings, mouth cleaning…
  • Nothing to worry about, don’t panic! Our friendly team will make it very easy for you
  • It’s very important to attend to these visits regularly in order to keep a good dental health


  • Good health! Can you think of any better?
  • Absolutely painless treatments
  • We promise to make it as short as possible, but your health goes first
  • Our nice staff will miss you so bad if you don’t come visit them regularly. Be kind to them!


Taffy is fantastic. I am now leaving my dentist after 40 years and coming to her!!!” – Joe Jackson